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Our Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations

In The Great Tradition of Gay Provocateurs...

Our Manifesto


We’re gonna crash full of sass through the shelter’s door

cool as fuck, wigs look great, hot as sin, in a lilac Porsche,

with StayCnt on the plates, and a lisp in the engine’s roar,


We’re gonna hand all the gals stacks of cash

for thousand dollar shoes, sheer dresses and expensive hats,

we’re gonna ask who wants chest pieces and expensive assets,

hop in, let's win, let’s drive real fast,


we’re gonna tattoo our chests with spikes and thorns

pierce our lips and our necks with teeth and horns,

mean mug at the squares like demons scorned,

give long circuitous answers and forge our forms,


we’re gonna deck out our fingers with all the bling

all the boys can be queens and the ladies kings,

everyone who’s not that can do their own thing

as long as they pretty up their cunts and cocks with rings,

we’re gonna tearfully accept a National Book award

for making the world’s most salacious and enlightening porn,

in bandanas that say dyke over green hair cut short,

belly shirts that say faggot and jock straps well worn.



Pay Your Fucking Creators

Despite being broke as hell, make sure to pay your collaborators in cash, oral or drogas.


The Highest Common Denominator

No cheap thrills for shares. No exclusion for sales. No appealing to the canon. 

New Angles That Actually Matter

It's not that hard. Don't be lazy. You know you're just copying that idea from your favorite Saturday morning cartoon.

Yo... Why Pornography Though?

Well... everything has become pornographic so we might as well make the pornographic soulful.

There's a deep, vocal frying hole in our global society's soul and it's sucking in matter at power bottom rates. We're tots hallucinating a humanity that's fast dissipating. In response, people turn to regressive conservatism (zzzzz... shut up... what you're saying is dumb and you're only saying it to please your daddy) and religiosity (#blessed) in hopes of finding meaning. Otherwise, we give up thought and personhood for a kind of blind, voracious consumption. Someone has to provide an alternative... all that Plump Bundt can do is try to find what that alternative is.

How many leading artists and musicians talk about how they don't mind what their bullshit says as long as they get their money? How many people mistake activism for capitalism and glamour for luxury? How many people think the right to purchase brand name high heels is the same thing as self-expression? If you look around at the assenting hordes, you'll get a nice orgasmic shock of fear.

We believe Queer art, life and politics have a special potential to offer soul in the secular context. To be violently torn away from the family and forced to remake yourself is a powerful initiation. To reconstitute yourself, family and community within social bonds that include friendship, romance or barely considered fucks is a powerful skill. Queerness destabilizes social bonds and then remakes them with space for chaos. Let's make a little more sticky, delicious chaos.